given a set of id3v1 tags, infer the values of blank ARTIST and TITLE fields with Perl

In 2001, I wrote a Perl script to put id3v1 tags into mp3 files that didn’t have any tag information; using MP3::Info to get and set tag information.

Tom,, who runs (ran?) it as compiled MacPerl, calls it College Radio Loser because

using it is like sitting down at a college radio station with some fool that’s bothered to learn all the names of the songs!

The most important assumption I made was that all mp3s are named


since I already had a procedure to handle and correct malformed mp3 names.

I still use loser to organize badly tagged tracks. Sometimes I’ll delete the id3 tags first, then let the script rename them based on their file names. Five years later, I see a lot of things that could be different about this code. However I think I’ve never updated it because it continued to serve it’s singular purpose so well.

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