BlogLines inside NetVibes

I’ve been using NetVibes for a while. But I just discovered the Web Page Module. And that has greatly increased NetVibes’ usefulness to me.

First, there are several visualizations (newsmap, delicious map, delicious LiveMarks and digg spy ) which cannot be replaced by an RSS feed. Web Page Module allows me to view each of these interfaces from within Netvibes, each in its own tab. NewsMap is so flexible that it fits into one column of a 3-column layout.

Netvibes is a smooth interface for reading 10 or 20 important feeds. Beyond that, I either have to scroll deeper than I’d like, or I have to start breaking up my feeds into tabs; and then I have to go back to BlogLines. Reading a bunch of little boxes spread across many tabs, does not appeal to me. I cannot make a good case for just why that is, however.

In any case, tonight I realized that the Web Page Module means that I can put BlogLines inside Netvibes. So now I truly do have all my feed-reading on one page.

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