Because I now travel, and demonstrate programming strategies for front-end Web, I had to have a truly portable programming environment ;-)

Things to like


Changed the “Wireless Channel” on my LinkSys WRT54G I was getting terrible connectivity through AirPort. So I went into the configuration panel for my WRT54G wireless router. There I navigated to Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings and changed the “Wireless Channel” from 2.437 Ghz to 2.412 Ghz. No more problems with connectivity!

After a couple hours of configuring my MacBook, I noticed a dead pixel on the screen. This surprised me because I would have expected Apple to catch that in quality assurance. But when I went back to the Apple Store, I was told one dead pixel is “within Apple’s technical specification.” Right, but you replace the machine every time that happens. At least I got to the store at 9.30 am and so the whole exchange took about 20 minutes.



Switching Windows

When Cmd-tabbing between applications, hit…

  • H to hide an app
  • Q to quit

Cmd-` is more like the OS X version of Windows’ Alt-Tab: with it you can tab between application windows!

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