Setting up Synergy

Today I set up Synergy, which is quite bad-ass :)
I set it up for my 2 macs and PC at work.

The only confusing thing was figuring out the hostnames. My corporate network won’t resolve a hostname. For instance, ping myHost does nothing, while pinging the IP addres of myHost will work fine. I set up my configuration file so that the hostname of the server is its IP address.

Using hostnames for the client machines worked fine.

Another issue was that, since my laptop isn’t a company machine, it seems to get a new hostname every time it connects to the network. This was annoying as I thought I’d have to edit the configuration file on the server every time I connected my laptop. Doubly annoying since I haven’t yet figured out how to stop the Synergy server from the OS X command line ;) Which also means I would to restart the server (thanks Ben for pointing out that I can get the PID of the server with ps aux | grep synergy and stop it with kill -9 pid.

That’s when I discovered that Synergy provides the option of specifying the host name on the command line (for OS X) when the client is started: /Applications/synergy/synergyc -f --name myClient where is the IP of the server. And myClient should be the name given to the client, in the server’s synergy.conf.

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