Software systems as big balls of mud

The critical point to remember about Software Systems as Big Balls
of Mud,
is that it is not an anti-pattern. The statement that applying top-down practices to software results in a Big Ball of Mud is an affirmation that

  1. We always have a working system
  2. We are mostly able to satisfy most requirements
  3. We are almost always able to satisfy critical requirements

In addition, the points stated above are our benchmark for adopting any new process and its inherent risks. We can (and will)
ask in all seriousness, is this solution more robust than a big ball of mud? Successful advocacy always seems to require
answering this question.


Here is a presentation of some of the ideas in BBM. It is basically a bunch of quotations from the papers mentioned here and a few others. I had intended to write a paper around the ideas presented here, but later realized running Selenium regressions required me to write down the same ideas, albeit in a more pragmatic language ;)

See also

The Selfish Class, also by Foot & Yoder

You are what you wear
And you wear the scars.
There are no mirrors
In your house of cards.
Your world is decaying
But you don’t understand…
—The Dark

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