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Lately I have been fielding a lot of questions at work about strategies for assuring that the markup is semantic, accessible and valid. I recently compiled a short list of Firefox extensions that test whether XHTML is standards-compliant.

I have made a practice of cross-referencing messages from the HTML Validator Extension with an accessibility report from the Firefox Accessibility Extension. Putting those two together apparently gives developers a really granular sense of what’s going awry in the code under development. It’s a mini unit test suite right in the tool bar :)

I’ve also been surprised lately at how many people who use Firebug as a DOM inspector, don’t know about Firebug’s awesome JavaScript debugging capabilities. So overall, making and publishing this list was a surprisingly rewarding bit of evangelism.

Firefox Extensions for Front-End Web Developers

  1. Web Developer Toolbar
  2. Firebug
  3. Firefox Accessibility Extension
  4. HTML Validator Extension
  5. Operator, for debugging Microformats
  6. View Rendered Source Chart - the free version is not yet compatible with ff3 as of 8/14/08
  7. Live HTTP Headers supplements the Firebug Net tab for debugging HTTP and HTTPS transactions.
  8. Screengrab! is a versatile screen capture tool, essential for submitting bug reports.

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