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Patching StaticMatic’s deficiencies: setting HAML options and fixing the locals hash

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Staticmatic 0.9.4 ships with 2 surprisingly serious deficiencies:

1. Configuration options can’t be passed to HAML
2. The locals hash isn’t passed to partials

The solution for partials has been given by Randy Parker.

The solution for HAML options has been given by Jason Tennier.

Either of these issues would have been a dealbreaker for me, so I was glad to see they both had relatively easy fixes. Although coming from the Perl world, I do get pissed off whenever I have to hand-edit the source of a gem :)

And as a newbie to StaticMatic, I do wonder how well the gem is being maintained now. Both of these patches have been around for a while, yet they haven’t made it into the distribution, and I wonder why?

Updated: So the maintainer says he’s been busy, fair enough. With the bug fixes above in place, Staticmatic is nice enough. Having an application server obviates the need to “build,” and if you know me you know how much I hate the build process ^.~ So that to me already sets staticmatic apart from other template engines. I’m really looking forward to 2.0